We empower access to growth & challenge the established


For me, we create thriving business

Pomegranate Commercial Finance CEO Ansar Mahmood discusses the importance of deeply engaged relationships and the international investments the group operates with

Daniel Downes - New Business Director

We don’t play short-term

Pomegranate Commercial Finance New Business Director Daniel Downes discusses the importance of choosing the right lender package for your business & how we aim to delight clients which keeps them coming back time & time again as they scale.

Relationships Come First

Our commercial finance business was founded by outsiders:​ Lenders thinking outside the bank, not here to protect a legacy, but to solve issues the others couldn’t see.

       About Pomegranate​

We Dare to be Different ​

We operate on a worldwide scale. We deal with anything from £10,000 business loans to multi-million pound private equity consortiums, no deal is too small to big for the team at Pomegranate Commercial Finance

Our business is your business

We simplify the lending process and make businesses structurally sharp, so you can focus on opportunities

​We offer our open & honest approach with lending stability, so you can grow with your money.